Social Signals: Good Call-out on Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land recently had a short post in which they said that Google had announced that Social Signals were irrelevant in ranking sites. I only glanced over it at the time but something about it niggled at me. It just didn’t feel right.


I intended to come back when I had a bit more time and see what it was that felt wrong. But I came across this post from the owner of an Irish SEO Agency that laid it out pretty clear.


So what was the issue?


Well, it turns out that Google never actually said they don’t take social signals into account. In video referenced by Google, Matt Cutts actually said that they do not take the popularity of the social account into consideration. But they do treat each page on an account (such as a Twitter page) as it’s own page. And therefore Social Popularity of the post does come into play, since a post that goes viral gets mentioned on thousands if not millions of pages.

I think this is what most people in the SEO community understood anyway so it’s not going to come as a surprise. But its worth clarifying since SearchEngineLand is so influential.

35 Keyword Research Methods

Bloggersidekick today has a very useful article listing 30 methods for researching keywords (with another 8 available as download).

These aren’t all new and include the old reliables such as Google Keyword Planner and the search suggestions. But there are some resources that I hadn’t come across before which look useful.  These include specific tools such as Seed Keywords but also just more genral suggestions of sites such as Amazon.


All in all it’s a very useful resurce to have handy.

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